Launching a business is a busy and challenging process. From implementing procedures, to establishing a culture, the to-do list, to hiring personnel, to training people for their positions, to creating necessary reports to track data, just to mention a few, the process can be daunting. It is a learning experience to say the least. In terms of identity, it’s difficult to say you have a presence without a functioning website. Despite the many great uses for social media, the question, “Do you have a website?” is one that you get often. After nearly six months, we are excited to finally be able to launch a website. Even though the site seems basic, it took a lot of work. Through the involvement of the leadership team, and the leadership in helping to bring this creative vision to a reality from the web developer, Pete Reichert and his company All Caps Media, we are excited to finally be on the web. This site is not complete and will be a “living and breathing” presence on the vast, world wide web. Another item on the seemingly infinite to-do list has been crossed off. As time goes by, we think this site will not only help our agency force have a place where they will be able to find resources, access information, and become better in their profession, but also a place for those outside of our organization to become familiar with who we really are. To our agents, leaders, and personnel—I hope you are proud of this website. For those that are visiting from other agencies, industries, or from the community, we hope you find this site easy to navigate and that it helps you to get to know us. We welcome visitors—just contact me directly! We have really big dreams and can’t wait to make a big impact on the areas that we serve throughout Texas as time goes by. We intend to be an organization that transforms people and changes their lives and the lives of their loved ones. As a leader, this thought excites me and inspires me to continue to grow, mature, and improve. The sky is the limit and you know what they say – everything’s bigger in Texas. I certainly hope that’s true.